Julnar International Education Solutions (JIES) is a multi-service provider working with public, private, schools, and universities. JIES was founded with a desire to help find workable solutions to the most pressing challenges in education today. JIES believes that successful education solutions could be identified, researched, and implemented, but only through the knowledge, training, and experience of international consultants from different educational disciplines who have firsthand experience dealing with these difficult and challenging problems.

JIES does not seek to be a vendor. Instead, it offers a strategic, proven institutional partnership. Our solutions methodology is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, JIES works with our partners to develop a flexible framework, including any combination of our services, research, and technologies. JIES guarantees it reflects its unique mission and helps to drive it forward.

JIES's mission is to advance quality in education by providing worthy research, rigorous evaluation, valid and reliable assessments, research-based curriculum, relevant program design, up-to-date eLearning, professional development, high-quality translation, and related services.